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Multix Select DR

Refurbished Compact System

Aufgearbeiteter Multix Select DR mit Kabelgebundenem Vorführ Detektor 35x43cm in Kassettengröße.

Anlage Baujahr: 2012

Detektor Baujahr: 12/2015

Technische Informationen finden Sie unter "Features".

Ab Lager.

Multix Select DR

Refurbished System from MEDIRAY


Technical Specifications

System specification


Patient table and tabletop

Table height: 75 cm (29.5")
Tabletop width: 80 cm (31.5")
Tabletop length: 235 cm (92.5")
Max. patient weight: 200 kg (441 lbs.)
Longitudinal tabletop travel : ± 46 cm (± 18.1")

Column stand

Horizontal travel range: 138 cm (54.3"), movement arrested by electromagnetic brakes3
Vertical travel range: 150 cm (59.1"), movement arrested by electromagnetic brakes
Central beam height: 35 cm (13.8") to 185 cm 
Rotation of tube around vertical axis: ± 90°; stop positions: 0°, ± 90°
X-ray tube rotation: ± 120°; stop positions: 0°, ± 90°

Bucky wall stand

Vertical movement range: 150 cm (59.1")
Vertical travel range: 35 cm (13.8") to 185 cm (72.8")


Generator frequency: 100 kHz
Output: 55 kW according to IEC 60601-2-7 (550 mA at 100 kV)
Exposure voltage: 40 kV to 133 kV
mAs range: 0.5 mAs to 800 mAs

X-ray tube

Max. exposure voltage (IEC 60613): 135 kV
Anode heat storage capacity: 230,000 HU (170,000 J)
Max. heat storage capacity of the
tube housing: 2,240,000 J (3,024,000 HU)

Flat detector

Scintillator: Csl Direct Deposit

Dimensions (active field): 35.4 cm x 43.3 cm (14" x 17")
Pixel size: 154 µm
Spatial resolution (Nyquist frequency): 3.4 lp/mm

Housing: Carbon Fiber front and high strength alloy back



Clinical workflow


User interface




Organ program and exam set editor

More than 1000 organ programs can be stored, customized and arranged in exam sets using the advanced organ program and exam set editor
Organ programs consist of multiple imaging and workflow parameters for particular body parts and imaging sequences



Room planning


Room height

min. 245 cm (96.5")

Machine weight

Approx. 596 kg (1314 lbs.), not including wall stand for Multix Select DR

Min. space requirements

11 sqm, including Bucky wall stand for Multix Select DR
6.3 sqm, for Multix Select DR for chest and free exams machine variant

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